Cable + garter stitch knitted Headband

Hi everyone!

Where do I get started? humm!

Lately I’ve been yarn shopping a little too often but hey! I love! yarn shopping πŸ›’ even though I don’t know what I’m going to make out of it. ( I feel a bit guilty but I do what my heart says ) LOL!!


Don’t you agree with me? 🀣

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First time knitting socks using AddiCrasyTrio

I followed the YouTube tutorial called Toe up socks by Craft House Magic. I followed almost every step except on the top of my sock I decided to put a cable and make my socks shorter.

My thoughts about the trio needles.. well I think they’re great because 3 DPN are less complicated than 5 DPN. Why? Because 3 DPN are more flexible so they can bend and move around more easily if they are in your way. You have to try it yourself to know exactly what I mean.

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Sweet chilli ( Crochet )

HelloOo, Crochet lover πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• I haven’t posted on my blog for sooooo long. But today I suddenly had the motivation to do a post. LOL  I hope to keep motivated to do blogs more often in the future. I crochet nearly every today, so I might try posting what I am doing and patterns that I can share (IE: Free online or my own) as often as I can. So here is my first one:

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