Cable + garter stitch knitted Headband

Hi everyone!

Where do I get started? humm!

Lately I’ve been yarn shopping a little too often but hey! I love! yarn shopping 🛒 even though I don’t know what I’m going to make out of it. ( I feel a bit guilty but I do what my heart says ) LOL!!


Don’t you agree with me? 🤣

I just discovered this yarn recently – Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca. I bought it from My local Lincraft store and at first I was going to knit a jumper/ cardigan with this yarn but first I thought I’d try some headbands.

I think a headband is a simple accessory that you can just throw on and go, if you pick the right style for you… you know what I mean? 😄

I’ve been watching YouTube and learnt a lot  on how to make headbands and I am thankful for those talented people who share the love!💖


So today I’m sharing an easy to knit headband that I made myself. Hope you like it and give it a try. Let me know what you think.

Let’s grab our materials

You’ll need

– A pair of US 10 6.00mm knitting needles or circular ( you can use whatever size of needles you prefer)

– Yarn – as mentioned earlier, I used “Touch of alpaca” by Lionbrandyarn 90% acrylic 10% alpaca

– A cable needle if you are not comfortable with making cable without a cable needle.

– Stitch holder or waste yarn.

– A tapestry needle and scissors.

Oh before we start I just want to let you all know that I’m planning to make a video tutorial to go with this. wish me luck!

In the meantime please just bear with me with the written pattern that I’m about to show you. I’ll try my best to explain. If you have any questions Or spot any issues please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment. Enjoy! 😊


” Let’s make some awesome headbands

Cast on 18 stitches.

Knit garter stitch ( knit every row ) until the piece measures 15cm from the cast on edge.

Next steps : After you have knitted garter stitches for total 41 rows.

Row: 42 knit 9 stitches then increase 2 stitches M1R and M1L between 9th and 10th stitches. Continue knitting the remaining stitches. ( Total 20 sts on the needle. )

Row: 43 knit 10 stitches then increase 1 stitch M1R. Slip last 10 stitches onto a stitch holder or a piece of waste yarn. We’ll come back and work them later.

Turn your work and we will be working on these 11 stitches.

You simply continue to follow the cable pattern below

Cable pattern

Row :1, 5 knit all

Row :2, 4,6,8 Purl all

Row :3 knit 1, C6F, knit 4

Row :7 knit 4, C6B, knit 1

Repeats Row 1- 8 ( 3 more times )

Knit 1 row so the working yarn is on the left hand side.

Next row ( wrong side ) knit till last 2 sts, K2tog. Slip 10 stitches onto a stitch holder or some waste yarn. Cut the yarn.

Next step Slip 10 stitches from the first stitch holder and pick up 1 more stitch ( you should have 11 stitches on the knitting needle now )

Join the yarn and knit through the back loop of the first stitch that you picked up then knit normally the rest of the remaining stitches.

Repeat the cable pattern same another side.

Knit all stitches 1 more row.

Next row ( wrong side) K2tog, knit the remaining stitches. You should have 10 stitches on the knitting needle.

Knit till the last 2 stitches then K2tog.

Slip 10 stitches from second stitch holder from outside towards the centre where the working yarn is. K2tog from the another knitting needle that you slipped last 10 stitches on. Continue knitting the remaining stitches. At this point you should have the same number of stitches that you started with ( 18 sts on the needle)

Continue knitting garter stitch ( knit every rows) 15 cm.

Blind off. Sew the cast on edge and blind off edge together to form the circle. Weave all the ends. Yeah!!!!!!!!

Taadaaaaa! You did it ^…………………………………< Enjoy! your new headband 🎊🎉

Thank you very much for visiting…😃 till next time 🐾🐾🐾


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